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Photogrammetry is the science of taking measurements from photographs. As old as photography itself, photogrammetry combines two or more images in order to create data points from which measurements can be made.

With the Advent of the computer age, it’s only natural this science would quickly find its way into commercial drone use. With large amounts of computer power we are able thousands of 2D images with millions of data points, and combine them in order to create a 3D model of the structure or property.

The quality of the 3D model from drone photogrammetry typically relies on 3 things:

  • Lighting of the image
  • Quality of the camera
  • The skill of the licensed piolet

Drone Photogrammetry 

From hobbies to commercial use, drone photogrammetry can be used in many different Industries natural disaster, surveying, environmental studies, civil engineering, agricultural forecasting, site development, insurance studies, real estate, mineral, and geotechnical research, land use and planning, and construction.

One way in which we are using photogrammetry to improve safety and quality is in the use of solar modeling.

Drone 3D model

Before any PV systems are installed, the roof, as well as any shading structures, must be surveyed. Typically this is done by spending time on the roof taking pictures and using other tools. This is not only unsafe but it also costs a lot of time money and resources.

With the use of our drone photogrammetry for solar modeling, we are able to quickly, safely capture and process a 3D model of the property complete with accurate measurements for shading analysis. this 3D model can then be accurately imported into your CAD software.

Of course, it is not always possible to take accurate measurements from any photo or set of photos. Some criteria need to be met. Each case is specific because of all the various types of variables involved in taking pictures in different situations. It is essential to speak with a photogrammetry expert and provide them with all the information about the project.





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