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Based out of Phoenix, AZ | LIFTHD is a modern full-service drone company that combines it’s georeferenced aerial images to create a multitude of 3D images and Data.

What we do

A little bit of everything, from this to that to everything in between. Take a look and see how LIFTHD can you help you improve your business.

Aerial Real Estate

Budget friendly areal images that are guaranteed to quickly catch the eye of prospective buyers.

Solar Modeling

Precise measurements and high resolution images allow us to provide you with the ultimate 3D-model of the property to import into your CAD system.

Advanced Aerial Survey

Our Drone based topographic mapping provides fast, cost-effective, high-resolution maps and data for an almost limitless number of applications.

Construction Management

With automated weekly site monitoring, we update you with photos, video, and data from your construction site, keeping your employees safe and productive.


We capture high quality images and video for risk assessments to prevent loss before it happens and post-loss audits to quickly inspect damage and prevent fraud.

& More

3D building models, volumetric surveys, inspections, archaeology… Our applications are truly limitless. Let’s start a conversation and see how we can help you.

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Please ask away, any questions big or small. We would love to see how we can help you!


 Built with Honesty, Community & Professionalism. We are an Advanced Drone company serving the Valley of the Sun and beyond.

100% FAA Certified, Licensed and Insured. 

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